Notification Preferences for Fort Ord Prescribed Burn Program

Use the form below to enter your direct notification preferences for the current year burn season. If you require assistance, please contact us at 1-800-852-9699. Note: Form fields that are marked by a red asterisk * - are required fields.
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Contact Info

Voice Phone Calls

Please list any phone numbers (up to five) where you would like to receive a VOICE call from our
automated system. The system will leave you a message/voicemail if you cannot be reached.
Our system cannot recognize extensions, so please list direct lines only.

SMS / Text Messages

Step 1: Please list any SMS / text message numbers where you would like to receive a text message
from our automated system. Step 2: To opt-in, list the phone numbers below and then complete the process by texting the word
"Alert" to number 22300. The U.S. Army does not charge for this message service but you may receive a charge from your
cellular provider. Please contact your cellular provider for more information about messaging rates.

Email Notification

List up to five separate email addresses that you wish to be notified at.